About NFT Quick Takes and Flux Research

two bicyclists flash past with the words "NFT Quick Takes" superimposed

Image Courtesy John Cameron

NFT Quick Takes is one of a number of experiments I did as Clyde F. Smith, my writer identity, during the height of the first NFT boom. With 2021 fully stripped away, I’m focusing in on the core of my NFT interests as Flux Research.

During 2022, I’ve launched multiple NFT art collections on Tezos via objkt and communicated regularly via Twitter.

Now I’m adding my favorite writing experiment into the mix with a newsletter on Substack, an archive on this site, and a related Twitter account.

NFT Quick Takes will feature streamlined perspectives on the interesting things happening in NFT Land. Pieces will first be published and distributed via Substack and archived on this site at a later date.

Note: the first three posts are from this summer’s experiment.